Harrie from Amsterdam is in his early sixties and has been celebrating life at the expense of the state for the last twenty years. Since he started receiving incapacity benefits he's been loafing around, preferably in the tropics. He is currently in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he spends his days with sand between his toes and a can of beer in his hand. 

With so many years of holidaying experience, he is a legend among young travelers. He drinks a cup of coffee in the morning but quickly switches to beer and vodka in the afternoon. On good days, he finds a girl to hang out and sleep with. 

I met Harrie when I was in Cambodia in 2015 and decided to tell his story. Harrie is either to be loved or to be hated. Some people argue that without the help of the state - the incapacity benefits - Harry wouldn't be able to finance his holidaying lifestyle. But Harrie does not care about that, and that probably makes him one of the happiest oldies out there. He showed me the art of doing nothing.

Update: Harrie recently moved to a farm in Hungary where he continues his lifestyle. 





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